Please become a friend of Tudor City Greens and join us in our efforts to support the parks!

Consider a gift of:
Golden Raintree Level ($1,000 and more)
Oak Tree Level ($500-999)
Star Magnolia Tree Level ($300-499)
American Linden Tree Level ($100-299)
Redbud Tree Level (up to $99)

In-memoriam gifts are also welcomed.

Contributions made to Tudor City Greens, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  A financial report may be obtained from the New York State Department of State, 41 State Street, Albany, NY 12231.  Contributions will be acknowledged with a receipt. 

Please make your tax-deductible check payable to: Tudor City Greens, Inc.

Mail to:
Tudor City Greens, Inc.
5 Tudor City Place, #1-E
New York NY 10017

Or to donate online using PAYPAL, click the Donate button below:


The buildings located within Tudor City have always been an important source of income for the operation of the Tudor City Greens.  The residents and shareholders of the Tudor City community benefit from the use of the parks.  Following is a list of the Tudor City buildings with representatives appointed to the Tudor City Greens Board

BUILDINGS AND ORGANIZATIONS WHICH HAVE CONTRIBUTED FOR 2016 APPEAR IN GREEN (please thank your TCG Board Representative, Board President, and Managing Agent or Association President for contributing to Tudor City Greens in 2016)!  

Tudor City is a community and the parks belong to the Tudor City co-op buildings and their residents.  Tudor City Greens, Inc was proud to have received contributions from all of the Tudor City co-op buildings for 2016, and urges the buildings to maintain the same level of commitment and financial support in 2017 and beyond.

304 - 324 East 41st St. (3H's)

325 East 41st St. (Essex) 

333 East 41st St. (Prospect Hill)

2 Tudor City Place (Tudor Gardens)

5 Tudor City Place(Windsor)

25 Tudor City Place (Tudor Tower)

320 East 42nd St. (Woodstock)

45 Tudor City Place (Prospect)

321 East 43rd St. (Cloister)

330 East 43rd St. (Hermitage)

333 East 43rd St (Manor)

Tudor City Association, Inc.


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